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We guide, encourage, and motivate you to exploit your potential. Our administration, instructors, student services, and career services all offer you the tools, instruction, services, and guidance to bring out your confidence, your potential, and your future success. In enrolling at San Diego Community Training Center, you can engage in a demanding, rewarding, and fast-paced program with professional guidance and support. You can use your ambition, initiative, and discipline to succeed.


Our Pharmacy Technician training and education program is accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP)/Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE).

We are currently the only school in the city of San Diego that holds this accreditation.

Why is accreditation important?

Pharmacy technicians play an increasingly important role in public safety. Their responsibilities are expanding and evolving as the pharmacy profession changes with new medications, technologies, and challenges. The accreditation process is designed to protect the public by requiring training programs to meet a nationally recognized standard for excellence.

What is the benefit of an accredited program?

Pharmacists and employers prefer to hire technicians from accredited training programs. In a recent ASHP survey, 60 percent of pharmacy practice managers said that they offer or would offer tuition assistance for technicians who participate in an accredited training program. ASHP-accredited pharmacy technician training is now required by several state boards of pharmacy.


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San Diego Community Training Center adheres to provide high quality job training that promotes healthcare understanding, build careers, and serve the communities we work and live.

San Diego Community Training Center is dedicated to providing trade and technical training relevant to the needs of the community it serves.  Since its inception, the philosophy of the institution has been to:

  • Offer medical technical programs so that students can achieve their career, educational, and personal goals.
  • Provide training using actual on the job situations so graduates can have the skills and competencies needed for entry-level employment.
  • Ensure only relevant equipment and materials are used in the training of students.
  • Hire qualified faculty.

San Diego Community Training Center will provide an industry-related educational and training environment that offers the skills and competencies needed for an entry-level position into the student’s chosen field.

SDCTC is committed to creating a culture that empowers students and provides them with the opportunity to improve their lives for a better future.

SDCTC will offer every student an opportunity to succeed by providing support during their entire experience while demonstrating mutual respect among faculty, staff, and students.  Providing students with high-quality customer service which fosters teamwork, personal growth, and respect for the student.



San Diego Community Training Center Helping Students with their Education

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