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San Diego Community Training Center is located at 1475 6th Ave, Suite 400 in San Diego, California 92101, with easy access to major freeways and bus stops.  The 7500 square foot facility consists of lab and lecture rooms, library – resource center, administrative offices, and student and faculty lounges.  The average student to teacher ratio in a class (lecture and lab) for all training programs is 20:1. The maximum number of students in a class is 20.

The campus is located in a centrally air-conditioned facility.  To provide the best training possible, the campus has fully equipped pharmacy and computer laboratories.  The equipment includes but is not limited to: computers and printers, WiFi, medical and office software.  Students acquire hands-on experiences and training in our programs.  The laboratories contain workstations simulating real work environments similar to those that students will encounter in the professional setting.

All students attending San Diego Community Training Center receive classroom instruction.

The student to computer ratio is 1:1 for the pharmacy computer lab.

The pharmacy lab has the necessary equipment to provide appropriate instructional laboratory practice.  The equipment and materials are evaluated and updated to ensure that students are trained to achieve the level of competency required.

Students have access to a Library – Resource Center to supplement their learning experience.

Students are encouraged to increase their knowledge by use of these facilities.  The institution, facility, and equipment comply with all federal, State, and local laws, regulations and ordinances including requirements relating to fire safety and health regulations.

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